Download latest full version of idm 2016

The internet downloader manager​ is a powerful tool of the tonec company.idm are perform multitasking such as download videos and audio as well as download zip files and software’ is run as multi-platform like Microsoft,Linux and macintosh operating is 10 times faster download files compare to other download manager internet download manger is very well-integrated with web browsers (safari,mozila firefox, google chrome, internet explorer) it is the ability to resume a download from the point at which it was interrupted.Internet Download Manager made it so convenient by supporting the proxy servers, http protocols, FTP, redirects, firewalls, cookies, MP3 audio, authorization, and MPEG video content processing.
Internet Download Manager made it so convenient by supporting the proxy servers, https​ protocols, FTP​, redirects, firewalls, cookies, MP3 audio, authorization, and MPEG video content processing​.

system requirments:-

Ram :-128mb
operating system :- windows 7/8
hard disk drive :- 100mb free space

serial keys of idm

Name: [Any fake name].
Email: [Any fake email address]
  • LC3OG-66OU3-38BTX-SX20M

lifetime full version of internet downloader manager. please download it from this link:-
downlaod link1
download link 2
download link 3


How to convert torrent into idm

Torrent is wonderful website compared to other works on peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) communications is the smallest form of peer-to networking is which two or more computers connected itself and share files without any external is used to distribute large amounts of data over the internet.
how to torrent works:-
if you download any kind of file then you know that about a torrent is store too much information include file size and file type and so on.basically, just a unique code of the torrent file and store information about seeds and leeches/peer.
what are seeds and leeches/peer?
seeds are the complete form of your download file from torrent and proposal to upload it.if your file which include more seeders that mean getting a high download speed.
leechers: – number of people that are currently downloading that particular data.but your files is still downloading.
Talk back to my point: – How do you download torrent files with IDM

  • first go to your desired file of a torrent file sahilvaid.wordpress.com4061then open a magnet link of your own file and
    copy itsahilvaid.wordpress.com04081
  • thirdly you’ll go to  file stream website and create an account, after a verification, and login you can paste it off your magnet link(don’t be exceed it 1gb)


  • now keep patience.

Moreover, you’ll see your internet download manager appear itsahilvaid.wordpress.com35 - Copy
please watch it this video if you don’t understand my meaning

How to change windows logon screen

Microsoft windows are famous all around the world. it is graphical-user interface and touch-user interface. everybody knows  that about windows and know that how to operate. it is easy to understand and easy to operate  unlike from Linux and Solaris. because Linux is a command user interface like disk operating system.

some, my friends, ask me how  to the realignment of  Microsoft windows logon screen.they have  been bored with the default screen of windows. 

So I m telling you, how to change  windows login screen

  • First you download Avg tune-up software and install it.
  • secondly, open it and go to all settings.
  • furthermore, click on change windows appearance

avg tune up image

  • click on logon screenavg tune up2
  • now click  on own screen
  • search from your computer drives or search from the internet. but one thing you remember the image size don’t exceed from 150kb and image to be png or jpg format.avg tune up32
  • write your own  name and save it
  • after some time proceed your own screen will be ready.
  • now you will see two logon screen default and you’re own make itavg tune up22
  • after that install and apply it. and restart your computer
  • presently default you will  remove and see your image in the logon screen.
  • if you have any problem, you can even  watch this video

what’s new in Android 6.0 features?

Everybody wants a good smartphone as of android phones .because Android gives you great operating system, lots of free application and can store songs, install games, and application. many youngsters love games so far as games come many forms like action,3d, puzzle, racing, adventure and many more. it is part of touch user interface who easy to understand and easy to start, every work seems easy and reliable.

Now back to point:-

what’s new in android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Marshmallow is a part of the android family, it comes in android 6.0 and primary focus on user experience.This version some features to be same like an android lollipop versions and another one would be redesign like battery life improvements, finger sensors, app permission controls and also improve its scrolling speed which is impressive. I did brief explain below on this feature
android marshmallow

End of pre-install apps:-

A person buys a new smartphone after that he/she faces many countless app(who are pre-install by mobile companies) you don’t want them and you don’t use them. he/she can’t be deleted and lots of mobile space waste. it is very frustrated experience from them. if you have a good android phone then you know about pre-defined apps and you confirmed these things. but a new version of android phones these apps to be optional.the full list of apps that were once mandatory but now there are optional now. you have the freedom of pre-defined things. now you can be deleted.

Android pay:-

Android pay is great application alongside from is mobile – payment service and replace your wallet is one of a number of touchless payment systems including Apple Pay and Samsung include Android handsets like the Samsung Galaxy s6,sony Xperia z5 and Htc one e9 offer us fingerprint scanners which could be used for secure payment.

Finger recognition:-

it is the evolution of finger recognition when you press your finger of finger recognition  device.. then unlock your device .it is security things for preventing your phones from thieves and secure payment service to pay application.

Improve battery performance:-

this version enhances your battery performance. when any software won’t use  a long time and they tell us  how much memory consumes this software.or you can also check how much memory consume each software. after that you can easy to shut – down that software’s who use lots of ram power.for example, if google chrome takes lots of ram then yo can easy to shut-down.

Google sync:-

it’s already established this connection, but only in relation to Google families such as apps like Gmail, Calendar and Chrome ans so on.

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Top 10 websites for engineering students

Today everyone wants to be the successful person and he/she chooses a career from doctoral, engineering, accounting and so on. It is term who achieve your future goal and build up career.Engineering gives you right platform to you build up your career and earn money and so on today I am telling you about engineering websites who helps you in various ways such as topic search, make a presentation and search topic on these websites, downloads many things such as pdf and ppt.

top-10 websites

Top-5 websites for computer engineering fields:-

      For those looking to learn a make websites and web pages, there are tutorials for learning HTML, CSS, AJAX, and dozens of other programming is easy to learn PHP and HTML.I am also fond of this website also.
  • cpluplus tutorial
      These websites for c and C++ can learn c++ tutorial and bundle of can easy to understand and easy to implement with them.
  • code academy
      it is Provides full courses on technologies like HTML/CSS,Javascript,Jquery,Python,etc.
  • computer science engineering books and notes
      it provides e-books and notes of computer science and other engineering fields like civil and mechanical
  • dot net tutorial
      this sites for lovers … for those peoples looking like websites developing and design websites
  • java tutorial for beginners
    this sites for beginning for java, it helps you know java classes, java variables and so on.

Top-5 websites for Mechanical fields or others fields:-

  • Thomas net’s search features are vital for locating local manufacturers and representatives and for obtaining product information using readily available links to manufacturers websites. it is complete a resource of distributors, manufacturers, services as we have ever seen, powered by the company that wrote the book, Thomas Register. Includes links to CAD drawings.
  • All engineers tutorial
    These sites provides you notes and powerpoint slide presentation(ppt) those notes gives you relevant knowledge of mechanical or others fields.
  • mechanical or civil notes
    it renders notes of civil and mechanical . easy to understand for mechanical students.
  • all video or pdf tutorial
    all videos for relevant subjects from professor of nptel
  • information all mechanical fields
    it is knowledge of civil and mech fields

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how to stop unwanted tagging of facebook

Facebook is a social website which connect two or more peoples easily within chat and share our status and opinion in their wall posts.many peoples would tag from his/her friends. it is the good way to connect with your friends via status or photos. Sometimes it is too annoy because peoples want much likes on his/her status or photo and start tag from their friends.But when friends start tagging you in unrelated photos or videos or status that is apart from your interest or really pathetic then fun becomes frustrating and annoying.facebook is like a book who search new friends, and upload your photos also.facebook gives good feature such as beneficial groups and pages related your work.if you learn computer tips then you write that into facebook search engine.after that you see lots of pages and groups .they gives you salutary information and going forward to help yours.

Now back to our topic. I have three tips who help you, stop tagging useless photos of friends the easy way of stop tagging,

Remove tag

  • it is removed the tag. it is the simple way you do.
    go to your image path and open that photo, you will get the option of Remove Tag, click on this link

remove tag

Unfollow updates from Tagged Photos

it is annoy when your tagging photos and videos get the notification again and again,

  • open your notification bar then you see who photos annoy you most .click on right corner and select turn off this post. now you will not annoy you again

turn off the post

Review Tags

  • the third option is review tags, click on settings nd go to timeline and taggings settings
  • you make it all click on review tag > edit > only me selected

reviw tag

now to see your activities log…  which one tagging  you approve or decline

activities log

on this link.if

how to play god of war 2 in PC

You can play god of war 2 games with the help of PlayStation emulator.Playstation emulator helps you to play Ps2 games such as action, racing, sci-fi and many more. you can play Ps2 games on Microsoft windows, Linux and Mac. The best thing about this emulator if you have a collection of PS2 games discs then you are just a few moments away from playing them on PC. else if you can buy games of ps2 and enjoy I am telling you “how to play god of war in PC on windows XP, window 7 and window 8”
First of all, you need to have following software:

How to run god of war 2 on Pc

  • first you install WinRAR and download iso images of this games
  • extract pcsx2 software
  • install it
  • when dialog box will appear then your language selects and next
  • select your own language
  • select Gs configure
    according your system configuration
  • configure your keypad settings
    keypad settings as you wish
  • configure your spu2-x settings like this imageplease module configure on x-audio only
  • then click on next
  • find your bios search path
    find your game bios path
  • select a bios ram us or japan consoleselect your console then ok
  • now finish it and pop up window will appear
  • system > boot cd/dvd full or fast

system > cd/dvd fast

  • search your game iso image
    search game iso image
  • now your will start your game and enjoy

run god of war 2
any problem in this article.. you watch this video on below link
how to play the ps-2 game on PC video

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How to make windows genuine with software?

new windows activtor

NeelSon's Website

Microsoft window is a graphical operating system. it is developed and manufactured by Microsoft. these windows are multi-supporting, multi-tasking,multi-programming and these windows are the main focus on analysis and design.they provide us good quality and good performance.window 8 and window 10 are supported into touch screen support .. these operating systems are using for Moblie operating system..these mobile operating systems are also graphical -user interface.

why you are using window activator, it is some technical issue and windows are so costly.these operating systems are not free of cost, if you want to use windows systems then you will have to pay money.even then you can use this os, some couple of days
even then some tools are available in many websites, but this time, I have also these tools I want to share with you and full activate your windows
download now for activate all windows versions
you can also…

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how to install whatsapp for computer ?

whatsapp is social networking application which provided for android,Ios and other smart phones. whatsapp is multitasking messaging application and cross platform support. whatsapp is perform multimedia operation such as send and receive images,audio and video within few minutes. Whatsapp is start a voice calling feature for Android, iOS and Windows app; it helps for connect with each other and free of cost and save money from regular calling.
To begin with,”how to use whatsapp on your computer”

  1. first click on this link
  2. you will see a bar code on  left -top side of this website
  3. open your whatsapp from your phone
  4. click on option and then second click on whatsapp web and scan bar code from your computer screen.
  5. after that paring your whatsapp
  6. you will be able to see your Messages on your Web Client in chrome browser
  7. make sure your data connection on this process

Top 10 websites of punjabi videos songs for download free

Many friends ask me, Tell me what website which provides good quality of Punjabi videos as well as good revolution…

So in this post I can tell you … who are top 10 websites of Punjabi and Hindi video songs for download free …these websites offers for every type of content such as images, songs and videos. They are update daily their contents and services. You can download any type of Punjabi videos such as old or latest Punjabi videos.and you are also downloaded Punjabi movies and Punjabi film trailers.

I hope you will enjoy these sites and save your time if you have any questions them post it below