how to find ip-address of any website

How to find the IP address of a web site?

You can use the PING utility included with Windows to determine the “IP address of a web site. Before using this utility, make sure you are not mapping a host name to some IP
address with HostName Commander, because if you do, the PING utility will show the address you’ve set up with HostName Commander,
instead of the “real” IP address.
To run the PING utility, click on the Windows Start button, and choose Run from the Start
Menu. If you use Windows 95,98 or Me, enter “command” (without the quotes) as the command line to run. If you use Windows
XP,2000, or NT, enter “cmd” (again, without the quotes). Click OK and the command prompt
window should appear on the screen.Now enter the word “ping” (without the quotes)followed by a space, followed by the host name
you want to determine the IP address of, website


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