Types of hackers and explan???

Hacking:- A hacker is basically someone who breaks into computer networks or our personal computers   it is also used for knowledge which is not crime hacking is true defination is who a things how much knowledge gain or because they want to profit from their  hacking capabilities.
         Type of hackers:-
White hat:- A white hat hacker is a computer and network expert who attacks a security system on behalf of its owners this type hacking is used legal process it is no crime
Black hat:-A black hat is a person who compromises the security of a computer system without permission from an authorized party, typically with malicious and virus intent. For ex:- trozen horse it is illigal process which is used crimial for earn various process like bank rowery,steal information etc for this type of hacking
Grey hat:-A grey hat is a skilled hacker who sometimes will act legally and illegal

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