What is autorun virus??

Autorun virus:- Autorun virus is which file automatic generate in cd/dvd,pendrive,any usb devices. Autorun-virus is a kind of viruses that writes itself on a flash drive and infect user’s computer when the user opens a flash drive in Explorer.when a open any flash device then virus is automatic run it is hidden process but c that on task manger. autorun.inf is a hidden file and therefore it isn’t visible on flash drive by automatically.
In order to see it (and delete) you should open :-
“Start Menu ->Service -> Folder settings” dialog in Windows Explorer, then select the “View” tab and check “Show hidden files and folders” in the additional options. this is a new type of viruses appeared in the time of come to flash drives memory cards and other external devices. they have exactly the same trozen virus effect as all convert viruses, beginning with spying on your computer and finishing with destroy your data.

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