Apple adds two-factor authentication



It is 2 way verfication security is  enchance your i phone security when any hacker or unauthorized user will do something  Apple’s two-step verification requires you to validate your identity using a mobile device before being able to make iTunes or App Store
purchases, make changes to an account or get a password reset from a new device. After entering your password, a verification code is sent to one of your trusted devices (like iphone ) via either SMS or Find My iPhone notifications. You enter that code to validate your identity and gain access to your account. You’ll need to verify each of your personal devices in order for verification codes to be delivered to them. Along with knowing your password and needing access to your mobile device, Apple will also give you a recovery key that is needed to reset your password. It is best features of prevent for hackers i m also thankful for apple company when begins for this feature…:p

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