How to remove virus from your system using command prompt, and without anti virus?


Go to start -> type cmd -> once your command prompt window is opened.
select the drive form which you want to remover virus
for example we take “D” drive

your “D” drive will be displayed like this on your command prompt window…. Now write the following command…

D:\>attrib -s -h *.* /s /d

the above command will unhide each and every single file on your “D” drive including the virus exe’s and autorun.inf file.

once the above command is compiled again you’ll see a message
this is indicates that the above command executed successfully… Now type “dir” command

and press enter, DIR is used to list all the files and directories on present on “D” drive….
After the successful execution of DIR command, all the files and folder will be listed on the prompt window…

Now check for suspicious files (i.e. exe’s) and autorun.inf files,
once you find the above files…. just rename them and do change their extensions…
look example

D:\> rename autorun.inf abcde.pqr

this command will rename autorun.inf file to abcde with extension as “pqr”
same action can be performed over the exe files.

This code can be used with external storage media like pendrive.

NOTE: As autorun.inf files are used in order to run the virus exe as soon as the directory is opened by the user… So whenever you find any autorun.inf file, just rename them, because they are more dangerous than the virus itself,
exe file cannot execute itself, either you need to click on it or autorun.inf files are used to execute them.


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