How to make windows genuine with software?

Microsoft window is a graphical operating system. it is developed and manufactured by Microsoft. these windows are multi-supporting, multi-tasking,multi-programming and these windows are the main focus on analysis and design.they provide us good quality and good performance.window 8 and window 10 are supported into touch screen support .. these operating systems are using for Moblie operating system..these mobile operating systems are also graphical -user interface.

why you are using window activator, it is some technical issue and windows are so costly.these operating systems are not free of cost, if you want to use windows systems then you will have to pay money.even then you can use this os, some couple of days
even then some tools are available in many websites, but this time, I have also these tools I want to share with you and full activate your windows
download now for activate all windows versions
you can also use to activate win7,win8,win10 and office 2013


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