How to know admin password in windows

Microsoft windows are full graphical interface as compare to another operating system.Microsoft are fully independent platform and Easy to understand.

My friends ask me how to find admin password. I have 2 method

First method :- safe mode

1. Start your computer and press f8 until the computer boot up, the Boot option screen appears.

2. Scroll down to safe mode with down arrow keys and press enter. Your PC starts in safe mode on the administrator account that appeared on window log in screen. After that you must enter that password instead of leaving password field blank. on start and drop down control panel and open it’ll open user accounts

6.Then click manage another account

7.choose your account who want password

The reset password

8. Type your password and save it.

Second method :- cmd on start > run and type cmd then enter it

2.type net user and enter it.after that find your account who wants password change.

For example :- “net user account name” enter and write your desire password

For example :- “net user account name password “


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