What is tabnapping?

Tabnapping is part of phishing attack and vulnerable attack.Tab napping is a new phishing method who don’t access your account directly. In which persuades users to submit their log in details and passwords to popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and so on.it is advanced method of phishing attack and different from the previous phishing method… for example, you might receive a prank email that is supposedly from your bank or lottery club, and it might ask you to log in and update or confirm your bank account details, of course, there would be a link to your banks website in the email for you to click, which would take you to a page that looks identical to your real banks log in page… Then use r make fool … And write all meaning information in phishing page . After that a user will be submit in phishing page… Then all information send owner PC (who make a tab napping attacks) and your account are hack


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