whats new in android lollipop?

It is google android latest version 5.0..it is upgrade version of android 4.4(kit kat) lollipop is totally changed as compare to other versions. Google did launch in performance
Nexus devices..
Minimize system requirements:-
1.3 quad core or dual core
512mb ram
4gb rom
Good graphics performance
I seem 5 features of android 5.0 attract me lots
1.First one is better performance :- lolipop is more reliable and more attractive.even though kitkit was also this features but lack of infrastructure designs… Lollipop is good design like a ios8 .. Lolipop is easy to understand.. Every task do task performance well.in one time you can easy two or more task … Nothing Difference within performance…
2. High battery life:- lollivirus there is battery pack up As compare to other Android version. It helps to good performance and reduce battery drains. It is save your time and money.. In new version is also new features .if a application give 50-60 % then they immediately notification from notified bar..
3.3d effect: there’s more white space between elements, and gives a 3D appearance overall. It is also look stimulate like real environment. It is used for 3d games and apps, further more predefined 3d games..
4.good security features:-it is lots of security features which prevent your moblie from hackers and virus moreover Android Smart Lock to make secure your phone or tablet by pairing it with a trusted device . Google has enforced the security module for all apps to give better protection against vulnerabilities and malware.
5.hd camera. Camera is crucial part of every Android phone. Without camera your phone is useless. Therefore android makes hd camera for better image quality and more accrucy.you are able to click full hd resolution frame (30fps) more over add some more features such as contrast, brightness, crop,resized and so on


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