what’s R.a.t? how to prevent own pc?

If you understand that rat means a small animal, then you did the wrong guess.
First of all, Rat is remote administration tools. Rat is part of hacking Article. Rat is also part Trojan or backdoor today I teach you. “What is rat” To begin with, rat Is backdoor process which stealing his/her data such as meaningful data and files.mostly hackers are used rat for stealing data or editing or deleting data. Why hacker used rat because rat gets full knowledge of victim computer by using Keyloggers.rat is known as Trojan horse.rat is also infected folder and files. Rat is also working like a virus and worms.
Prevent our PC from rat
Antivirus: – anti-virus Is part of computer security. Antivirus Is relief from rat attacks. It is the big interface from rat works.Antivirus is also prevented from virus Or hackers. In another hand, Antivirus has also boosted up PC performance. Antivirus is also known rat virus and find or delete it. But Now hackers have been smart, they have been the UNdetected rat. Means never detect from the anti virus. Even then Antivirus will under work do for the undetected rat. In today, anti-virus did more powerful and accurate as compared to the previous anti-virus.
2. Information gather: – first u take core information every thing’s
don’t click any fake offers.if you click this offers. Then rat will full knowledge send of the owner of the rat … So don’t click this click without any knowledge


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