What is pdf document? How to lock own pdf?

Pdf (portable document format) is crucial part of our life.it is great invention of adobe company. People often read pdf files in which save precious time and lots of money. pdf is used for business and individual needs. pdf is also used in mainframe devices such as tablet, Android phones and window phones. As usually pdf documents are used for read, copy and print.it is also used in Microsoft office. It is definition of pdf document according to me. So now I want to Tell you “ how to lock own pdf document.
Please follow up steps:-
1.open you adobe reader or fox reader
2.now your reader has open up. First you click on “add files”
3. After that chosen your pdf file.and open up.
4 Furthermore you need to click the button “Settings” on the toolbar. Then your setting dialog box are open.now you set your password (remainder its 128 mb encryption.once you are confirmed your password.no one decry pt your password easily.) So your password are chosen very carefully. Once you set own password nobody can edit, print and copy operations
4. Chosen your security level and read all instruction very carefully
5 click OK and start encryption
6. After encryption is completed then pop up box is open. (100% completed)
7. Now your file have encryption.no one drag n drop your contents
If u any problem then pl z comet me


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