what is root? why it is necessary?

Android is open source system (free of cost) Android is based upon Linux operating system. It is good graphic and easy to understand. In other computer, devices are also inbuilt peripheral device such as ram, Rom WiFi and so on. In today, we are using Android phones because you can lots of apps install own Android phones without any extra cost.it is the graphic user interface and inbuilt many apps such as Google maps, Google play store, Google games and so on. Today I tell you ā€œ why we are the root of any android devices ā€œ root is a core part of every android device.root is based on Linux kernel.If you want to full access of own android phones. Then rooting is only one method, it gives you full administration privileges.moreover you have full access every apps (custom installed) with help root Own devices as compared to unroot own devices your phone are fast and long life battery life. Furthermore, you change your android operating system (android 2.3.6 to 4.0.0) within cwm recovery.
I know some rooting software.
1. greenify
2. shumne for PC
3. Z4root
I know also some sites for rooting your devices.


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