How to two computers connect within single network cable?

First if you want connect your both laptops and share something within a few minutes.

then you need a network cable . it is also known as crossover cable.. It is  Available from most computer stores. This is a special type of cable who use for connectivity.

Secondly both computers/laptops should be same operating system and one work group should be as server and other one as a client is your wish who you select …

Configuring the computers on control panel from start menu on “network and internet settings>and click on network and sharing center

3. click on left droplist bar and click to adapter settings

4. choose your own network and click in properties> click on ipv4 protocol
5. Then a popup window appear like as below and assign your ip address(one thing you remember both ip address wouldn’t be same
for example :- Now set the addresses as mentioned below in each computer and click OK.
At the first computer ( say, Computer 1):

IP address:

Subnet mask:

At the second computer ( say, Computer 2):

IP address:

Subnet mask
6. save it

you want share something
1. click on desire folder who want share with other pc
2. go to properties and select sharing tab
3. click on advance sharing and tick the check button
4.close it and restart each computer

In the computer 1, you should see an icon show your second computer’s name under the Network window. Similarly, you can see that the first computer has been appeared under the Network window of your second computer. if has not been appear then check your network cable and ip address
you check both pc in my network wizard
if you have any query then msg me

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