how to play god of war 2 in PC

You can play god of war 2 games with the help of PlayStation emulator.Playstation emulator helps you to play Ps2 games such as action, racing, sci-fi and many more. you can play Ps2 games on Microsoft windows, Linux and Mac. The best thing about this emulator if you have a collection of PS2 games discs then you are just a few moments away from playing them on PC. else if you can buy games of ps2 and enjoy I am telling you “how to play god of war in PC on windows XP, window 7 and window 8”
First of all, you need to have following software:

How to run god of war 2 on Pc

  • first you install WinRAR and download iso images of this games
  • extract pcsx2 software
  • install it
  • when dialog box will appear then your language selects and next
  • select your own language
  • select Gs configure
    according your system configuration
  • configure your keypad settings
    keypad settings as you wish
  • configure your spu2-x settings like this imageplease module configure on x-audio only
  • then click on next
  • find your bios search path
    find your game bios path
  • select a bios ram us or japan consoleselect your console then ok
  • now finish it and pop up window will appear
  • system > boot cd/dvd full or fast

system > cd/dvd fast

  • search your game iso image
    search game iso image
  • now your will start your game and enjoy

run god of war 2
any problem in this article.. you watch this video on below link
how to play the ps-2 game on PC video

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