how to stop unwanted tagging of facebook

Facebook is a social website which connect two or more peoples easily within chat and share our status and opinion in their wall posts.many peoples would tag from his/her friends. it is the good way to connect with your friends via status or photos. Sometimes it is too annoy because peoples want much likes on his/her status or photo and start tag from their friends.But when friends start tagging you in unrelated photos or videos or status that is apart from your interest or really pathetic then fun becomes frustrating and annoying.facebook is like a book who search new friends, and upload your photos also.facebook gives good feature such as beneficial groups and pages related your work.if you learn computer tips then you write that into facebook search engine.after that you see lots of pages and groups .they gives you salutary information and going forward to help yours.

Now back to our topic. I have three tips who help you, stop tagging useless photos of friends the easy way of stop tagging,

Remove tag

  • it is removed the tag. it is the simple way you do.
    go to your image path and open that photo, you will get the option of Remove Tag, click on this link

remove tag

Unfollow updates from Tagged Photos

it is annoy when your tagging photos and videos get the notification again and again,

  • open your notification bar then you see who photos annoy you most .click on right corner and select turn off this post. now you will not annoy you again

turn off the post

Review Tags

  • the third option is review tags, click on settings nd go to timeline and taggings settings
  • you make it all click on review tag > edit > only me selected

reviw tag

now to see your activities log…  which one tagging  you approve or decline

activities log

on this link.if

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