what’s new in Android 6.0 features?

Everybody wants a good smartphone as of android phones .because Android gives you great operating system, lots of free application and games.you can store songs, install games, and application. many youngsters love games so far as games come many forms like action,3d, puzzle, racing, adventure and many more. it is part of touch user interface who easy to understand and easy to start, every work seems easy and reliable.

Now back to point:-

what’s new in android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Marshmallow is a part of the android family, it comes in android 6.0 and primary focus on user experience.This version some features to be same like an android lollipop versions and another one would be redesign like battery life improvements, finger sensors, app permission controls and also improve its scrolling speed which is impressive. I did brief explain below on this feature
android marshmallow

End of pre-install apps:-

A person buys a new smartphone after that he/she faces many countless app(who are pre-install by mobile companies) you don’t want them and you don’t use them. he/she can’t be deleted and lots of mobile space waste. it is very frustrated experience from them. if you have a good android phone then you know about pre-defined apps and you confirmed these things. but a new version of android phones these apps to be optional.the full list of apps that were once mandatory but now there are optional now. you have the freedom of pre-defined things. now you can be deleted.

Android pay:-

Android pay is great application alongside from marshmallow.it is mobile – payment service and replace your wallet too.it is one of a number of touchless payment systems including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.it include Android handsets like the Samsung Galaxy s6,sony Xperia z5 and Htc one e9 offer us fingerprint scanners which could be used for secure payment.

Finger recognition:-

it is the evolution of finger recognition when you press your finger of finger recognition  device.. then unlock your device .it is security things for preventing your phones from thieves and secure payment service to pay application.

Improve battery performance:-

this version enhances your battery performance. when any software won’t use  a long time and they tell us  how much memory consumes this software.or you can also check how much memory consume each software. after that you can easy to shut – down that software’s who use lots of ram power.for example, if google chrome takes lots of ram then yo can easy to shut-down.

Google sync:-

it’s already established this connection, but only in relation to Google families such as apps like Gmail, Calendar and Chrome ans so on.

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