How to convert torrent into idm

Torrent is wonderful website compared to other works on peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) communications is the smallest form of peer-to networking is which two or more computers connected itself and share files without any external is used to distribute large amounts of data over the internet.
how to torrent works:-
if you download any kind of file then you know that about a torrent is store too much information include file size and file type and so on.basically, just a unique code of the torrent file and store information about seeds and leeches/peer.
what are seeds and leeches/peer?
seeds are the complete form of your download file from torrent and proposal to upload it.if your file which include more seeders that mean getting a high download speed.
leechers: – number of people that are currently downloading that particular data.but your files is still downloading.
Talk back to my point: – How do you download torrent files with IDM

  • first go to your desired file of a torrent file sahilvaid.wordpress.com4061then open a magnet link of your own file and
    copy itsahilvaid.wordpress.com04081
  • thirdly you’ll go to ¬†file stream website and create an account, after a verification, and login you can paste it off your magnet link(don’t be exceed it 1gb)


  • now keep patience.

Moreover, you’ll see your internet download manager appear itsahilvaid.wordpress.com35 - Copy
please watch it this video if you don’t understand my meaning


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