what’s new in Android 6.0 features?

Everybody wants a good smartphone as of android phones .because Android gives you great operating system, lots of free application and games.you can store songs, install games, and application. many youngsters love games so far as games come many forms like action,3d, puzzle, racing, adventure and many more. it is part of touch user interface who easy to understand and easy to start, every work seems easy and reliable.

Now back to point:-

what’s new in android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Marshmallow is a part of the android family, it comes in android 6.0 and primary focus on user experience.This version some features to be same like an android lollipop versions and another one would be redesign like battery life improvements, finger sensors, app permission controls and also improve its scrolling speed which is impressive. I did brief explain below on this feature
android marshmallow

End of pre-install apps:-

A person buys a new smartphone after that he/she faces many countless app(who are pre-install by mobile companies) you don’t want them and you don’t use them. he/she can’t be deleted and lots of mobile space waste. it is very frustrated experience from them. if you have a good android phone then you know about pre-defined apps and you confirmed these things. but a new version of android phones these apps to be optional.the full list of apps that were once mandatory but now there are optional now. you have the freedom of pre-defined things. now you can be deleted.

Android pay:-

Android pay is great application alongside from marshmallow.it is mobile – payment service and replace your wallet too.it is one of a number of touchless payment systems including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.it include Android handsets like the Samsung Galaxy s6,sony Xperia z5 and Htc one e9 offer us fingerprint scanners which could be used for secure payment.

Finger recognition:-

it is the evolution of finger recognition when you press your finger of finger recognition  device.. then unlock your device .it is security things for preventing your phones from thieves and secure payment service to pay application.

Improve battery performance:-

this version enhances your battery performance. when any software won’t use  a long time and they tell us  how much memory consumes this software.or you can also check how much memory consume each software. after that you can easy to shut – down that software’s who use lots of ram power.for example, if google chrome takes lots of ram then yo can easy to shut-down.

Google sync:-

it’s already established this connection, but only in relation to Google families such as apps like Gmail, Calendar and Chrome ans so on.

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how to install whatsapp for computer ?

whatsapp is social networking application which provided for android,Ios and other smart phones. whatsapp is multitasking messaging application and cross platform support. whatsapp is perform multimedia operation such as send and receive images,audio and video within few minutes. Whatsapp is start a voice calling feature for Android, iOS and Windows app; it helps for connect with each other and free of cost and save money from regular calling.
To begin with,”how to use whatsapp on your computer”

  1. first click on this link
  2. you will see a bar code on  left -top side of this website
  3. open your whatsapp from your phone
  4. click on option and then second click on whatsapp web and scan bar code from your computer screen.
  5. after that paring your whatsapp
  6. you will be able to see your Messages on your Web Client in chrome browser
  7. make sure your data connection on this process

Download offical version of candy crush and candy crush hack version

Now days one game is more popular game as subway surfers and temple run. It is one and only candy crush saga. Candy crush is developed by king company. It is released for April 2014, candy crush game developed for many platforms such as android,ios and window phones . This game is also connected with Facebook after that you see your friends what their level to be game. It is a puzzle game. Unlike other puzzle games are getting bored and easy to complete. But this game won’t be boring for their graphic and sound. Candy Crush is Competitive and Challenging Great game.
i have two versions of candy crush. One of them, official part of candy crush, and other one is hack version(in this version unlock all level and unlimited keys) as you like you download that version

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How to make reset on your android phone?

Hiii today I will show you “how to reset settings on your phone without any lost something”When you restore the factory default settings, all personal settings are reset.such as mail,contacts video and much more Follow these instructions to restore the factory default settings.

First you will do sync your account

1. Press the Menu key

2. Select Setting

3. Scroll to and select your account

4.synchronized your account


Second you will go on your security settings

1.press your menu key

2.select settings

3.select to security settings

4. Go to restored reset settings(only reset settings)

5.click OK

If you want reset data factory settings(erase all data on your phone)

1.press your menu key

2.select settings

3.select to security settings

4. Go to reset data

5.click OK

6 Wait a moment while the factory default settings are restored Follow the instructions on the display to set up your phone and prepare it for use

Download zombie frontier 2 mod apk

Zombies frontier is also popular game of 2014.zombies frontier 2 is also part of zombies frontier.this survivor many survivors who save the world from infection zombies.
What new in zombies frontier 2:-
New survivors
New weapons
New stages
New zombies
Enjoyed suspense music
But I have unlimited moves and money of zombies frontier 2. If you are make download another version… Then you go Google play and download official versions of zombies frontier 2 it is your wish. But my versions of unlimited moves and unlimited weapons … This version is good source of your praise. Please try these versions.
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Download temple run 2 unlimited coins and gems

Temple run 2 is no 1 game of android platform and iOS platform. Temple run is developed by imangi studios in 2013. Firstly it is developed only iOS platform. After a month imangi studio had been decided brought in android platform. In January 2013, temple run 2 had been highly successful game of Android platform as compared to another platform.
This hack version of temple run 2:-
No need for buy coins
Make unlimited score
Impress your friends or coworkers.
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what is root? why it is necessary?

Android is open source system (free of cost) Android is based upon Linux operating system. It is good graphic and easy to understand. In other computer, devices are also inbuilt peripheral device such as ram, Rom WiFi and so on. In today, we are using Android phones because you can lots of apps install own Android phones without any extra cost.it is the graphic user interface and inbuilt many apps such as Google maps, Google play store, Google games and so on. Today I tell you “ why we are the root of any android devices “ root is a core part of every android device.root is based on Linux kernel.If you want to full access of own android phones. Then rooting is only one method, it gives you full administration privileges.moreover you have full access every apps (custom installed) with help root Own devices as compared to unroot own devices your phone are fast and long life battery life. Furthermore, you change your android operating system (android 2.3.6 to 4.0.0) within cwm recovery.
I know some rooting software.
1. greenify
2. shumne for PC
3. Z4root
I know also some sites for rooting your devices.