how to install whatsapp for computer ?

whatsapp is social networking application which provided for android,Ios and other smart phones. whatsapp is multitasking messaging application and cross platform support. whatsapp is perform multimedia operation such as send and receive images,audio and video within few minutes. Whatsapp is start a voice calling feature for Android, iOS and Windows app; it helps for connect with each other and free of cost and save money from regular calling.
To begin with,”how to use whatsapp on your computer”

  1. first click on this link
  2. you will see a bar code on  left -top side of this website
  3. open your whatsapp from your phone
  4. click on option and then second click on whatsapp web and scan bar code from your computer screen.
  5. after that paring your whatsapp
  6. you will be able to see your Messages on your Web Client in chrome browser
  7. make sure your data connection on this process

Download offical version of candy crush and candy crush hack version

Now days one game is more popular game as subway surfers and temple run. It is one and only candy crush saga. Candy crush is developed by king company. It is released for April 2014, candy crush game developed for many platforms such as android,ios and window phones . This game is also connected with Facebook after that you see your friends what their level to be game. It is a puzzle game. Unlike other puzzle games are getting bored and easy to complete. But this game won’t be boring for their graphic and sound. Candy Crush is Competitive and Challenging Great game.
i have two versions of candy crush. One of them, official part of candy crush, and other one is hack version(in this version unlock all level and unlimited keys) as you like you download that version

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How to two computers connect within single network cable?

First if you want connect your both laptops and share something within a few minutes.

then you need a network cable . it is also known as crossover cable.. It is  Available from most computer stores. This is a special type of cable who use for connectivity.

Secondly both computers/laptops should be same operating system and one work group should be as server and other one as a client is your wish who you select …

Configuring the computers

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what’s new in whatsapp v6.67?

Hi Whatssapp is chatting and social messenger. It is powerful invention by jan koun… Who were rejecting for job in is also looking like viber or hike messenger..
why whatsapp is more popular
1.It is free for android platform
2. No need login
3.multimedia messenge supported
4.Easy to understand.
5.More reliability as compare to other messenger.
What’s new latest 2015 whatsapp version
* Apply and make themes of your choice
* Immersive mod for 4.4+ devices
* Change icon notification color
* Upload PHOTOS and VIDEOS with no compression
* Maximum upload size to 30 MB
* Material Design
* And much much more try and Experience yourself…. Enjoy <b>Downloaded now </b>

What is pdf document? How to lock own pdf?

Pdf (portable document format) is crucial part of our is great invention of adobe company. People often read pdf files in which save precious time and lots of money. pdf is used for business and individual needs. pdf is also used in mainframe devices such as tablet, Android phones and window phones. As usually pdf documents are used for read, copy and is also used in Microsoft office. It is definition of pdf document according to me. So now I want to Tell you “ how to lock own pdf document.
Please follow up steps:- you adobe reader or fox reader your reader has open up. First you click on “add files”
3. After that chosen your pdf file.and open up.
4 Furthermore you need to click the button “Settings” on the toolbar. Then your setting dialog box are you set your password (remainder its 128 mb encryption.once you are confirmed your one decry pt your password easily.) So your password are chosen very carefully. Once you set own password nobody can edit, print and copy operations
4. Chosen your security level and read all instruction very carefully
5 click OK and start encryption
6. After encryption is completed then pop up box is open. (100% completed)
7. Now your file have one drag n drop your contents
If u any problem then pl z comet me

what’s R.a.t? how to prevent own pc?

If you understand that rat means a small animal, then you did the wrong guess.
First of all, Rat is remote administration tools. Rat is part of hacking Article. Rat is also part Trojan or backdoor today I teach you. “What is rat” To begin with, rat Is backdoor process which stealing his/her data such as meaningful data and files.mostly hackers are used rat for stealing data or editing or deleting data. Why hacker used rat because rat gets full knowledge of victim computer by using Keyloggers.rat is known as Trojan horse.rat is also infected folder and files. Rat is also working like a virus and worms.
Prevent our PC from rat
Antivirus: – anti-virus Is part of computer security. Antivirus Is relief from rat attacks. It is the big interface from rat works.Antivirus is also prevented from virus Or hackers. In another hand, Antivirus has also boosted up PC performance. Antivirus is also known rat virus and find or delete it. But Now hackers have been smart, they have been the UNdetected rat. Means never detect from the anti virus. Even then Antivirus will under work do for the undetected rat. In today, anti-virus did more powerful and accurate as compared to the previous anti-virus.
2. Information gather: – first u take core information every thing’s
don’t click any fake offers.if you click this offers. Then rat will full knowledge send of the owner of the rat … So don’t click this click without any knowledge

how to hack airtel and videocon internet?

Let starts from free gprs via air tel live please note this trick works only on mobile with multi channel support it was not found by me. I am Testing Its Work Fine With Me. You need a PC or a Laptop and the required connectivity tools,
How to hack  internet </b>

 Now Follow These Steps >>>

1) Activate Airtel Live! ( It’s FREE so no problems)
2) Create 1 Airtel gprs data accounts and select the
FIRST as the active profile.

USERNAME : blank
PASSWORD : blank


INTERNET MODE : HTTP or WAP (both works)
PORT : 8080


3) Connect your mobile to the PC (or Laptop) and install the driver for
your mobile’s modem.
4) Create a new dial-up connection using the NEW CONNECTION WIZARD as follows Connecting Device : Your mobile’s modem
ISP Name : Airtel (or anything you like)
Phone Number : *99***1#
Username and Password : blank
5) JUST connect with as APN
>Network Settings.
Enter Above Proxy &Port in
Save The settings….

enjoy it
Dot’s forget to save ur setting once u are saved u are almost done now download any opera handler and http and Socket Server as:
<b>How to hack videocon internet </b>
 Now Follow These Stets >>>
1) Activate videocon Live! ( It’s FREE so no problems)
2) Create 1 A videocon gprs data accounts and select the
FIRST as the active profile.


Latest trick July 2011 for v customers Unlimted browsing and downloading
Port: 8799
Dot’s forget to save your setting once u are saved u are almost done now download any opera handler and http and Socket Server as:-
Enter Above Proxy &Port in
Save The settings….
enjoy it

How to Change your Processor’s Name ?

Change your Processor’s Name.

1) :-Click on Start.
2):-Click on Run.
3):-Type “regedit” without quotes.
5):-From HARDWARE, navigate to DESCRIPTION/System/CentralProcessor/.
6):-n the work area, double click on ProcessorNameString, and change its value according to your choice.
Click OK

i hope u enjoy this :p


How to Get Your Hacked Facebook Account Back.

First of all, how do you know your Facebook account was hacked if nothing obvious was changed…yet?
If a hacker managed to get into your account, they will leave a trace. While their session is active, it will be listed under >Home(top right corner) >Account Settings>Security>Active Sessions(click edit). Here you can end the activity of suspicious sessions.

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