Download offical version of candy crush and candy crush hack version

Now days one game is more popular game as subway surfers and temple run. It is one and only candy crush saga. Candy crush is developed by king company. It is released for April 2014, candy crush game developed for many platforms such as android,ios and window phones . This game is also connected with Facebook after that you see your friends what their level to be game. It is a puzzle game. Unlike other puzzle games are getting bored and easy to complete. But this game won’t be boring for their graphic and sound. Candy Crush is Competitive and Challenging Great game.
i have two versions of candy crush. One of them, official part of candy crush, and other one is hack version(in this version unlock all level and unlimited keys) as you like you download that version

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How to two computers connect within single network cable?

First if you want connect your both laptops and share something within a few minutes.

then you need a network cable . it is also known as crossover cable.. It is  Available from most computer stores. This is a special type of cable who use for connectivity.

Secondly both computers/laptops should be same operating system and one work group should be as server and other one as a client is your wish who you select …

Configuring the computers

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How to make reset on your android phone?

Hiii today I will show you “how to reset settings on your phone without any lost something”When you restore the factory default settings, all personal settings are reset.such as mail,contacts video and much more Follow these instructions to restore the factory default settings.

First you will do sync your account

1. Press the Menu key

2. Select Setting

3. Scroll to and select your account

4.synchronized your account


Second you will go on your security settings your menu key settings to security settings

4. Go to restored reset settings(only reset settings) OK

If you want reset data factory settings(erase all data on your phone) your menu key settings to security settings

4. Go to reset data OK

6 Wait a moment while the factory default settings are restored Follow the instructions on the display to set up your phone and prepare it for use


Hi friends I will show you some HD movies websites This is an international website for downloading movies online and watching live streaming if you are fond of watching movies and want to download new and your favorite movies, you will be happy after reading this article because This movie will Hollywood, Bollywood and many more This provides movies in different categories like Action, Adventure, Animation, Horror, Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi and much more. .

    2. hdmoviez com

    Top 10 Autolikes sites for Facebook and instagram

    My friends today I m telling you, How to like around 200-250 on Facebook then I wrote this post.Facebook is the social website and everybody wish more likes in their status and photos.
    Facebook auto likes to help you how many likes what you actually want along with fame and pride from your friends and peoples. It is such good tool for increase your likes either your status or photo.they are liked both of them.
    auto liker sites
    autoliker websites


    Instagram is the social website and chatting from friends they provide us upload your photos. You can follow your friends and coworkers.every person want more followers in his/her Instagram id. if you want more followers in your insta. Then you see a good website for looking for the auto follower. Please visit below links and enjoy it
    Instagram auto followers

    Download zombie frontier 2 mod apk

    Zombies frontier is also popular game of 2014.zombies frontier 2 is also part of zombies frontier.this survivor many survivors who save the world from infection zombies.
    What new in zombies frontier 2:-
    New survivors
    New weapons
    New stages
    New zombies
    Enjoyed suspense music
    But I have unlimited moves and money of zombies frontier 2. If you are make download another version… Then you go Google play and download official versions of zombies frontier 2 it is your wish. But my versions of unlimited moves and unlimited weapons … This version is good source of your praise. Please try these versions.
    I m Sure, you Are addicted of This Version.

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    Download temple run 2 unlimited coins and gems

    Temple run 2 is no 1 game of android platform and iOS platform. Temple run is developed by imangi studios in 2013. Firstly it is developed only iOS platform. After a month imangi studio had been decided brought in android platform. In January 2013, temple run 2 had been highly successful game of Android platform as compared to another platform.
    This hack version of temple run 2:-
    No need for buy coins
    Make unlimited score
    Impress your friends or coworkers.
    Download now as below this link Of temple run 2

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    what’s new in whatsapp v6.67?

    Hi Whatssapp is chatting and social messenger. It is powerful invention by jan koun… Who were rejecting for job in is also looking like viber or hike messenger..
    why whatsapp is more popular
    1.It is free for android platform
    2. No need login
    3.multimedia messenge supported
    4.Easy to understand.
    5.More reliability as compare to other messenger.
    What’s new latest 2015 whatsapp version
    * Apply and make themes of your choice
    * Immersive mod for 4.4+ devices
    * Change icon notification color
    * Upload PHOTOS and VIDEOS with no compression
    * Maximum upload size to 30 MB
    * Material Design
    * And much much more try and Experience yourself…. Enjoy <b>Downloaded now </b>

    what is root? why it is necessary?

    Android is open source system (free of cost) Android is based upon Linux operating system. It is good graphic and easy to understand. In other computer, devices are also inbuilt peripheral device such as ram, Rom WiFi and so on. In today, we are using Android phones because you can lots of apps install own Android phones without any extra is the graphic user interface and inbuilt many apps such as Google maps, Google play store, Google games and so on. Today I tell you “ why we are the root of any android devices “ root is a core part of every android device.root is based on Linux kernel.If you want to full access of own android phones. Then rooting is only one method, it gives you full administration privileges.moreover you have full access every apps (custom installed) with help root Own devices as compared to unroot own devices your phone are fast and long life battery life. Furthermore, you change your android operating system (android 2.3.6 to 4.0.0) within cwm recovery.
    I know some rooting software.
    1. greenify
    2. shumne for PC
    3. Z4root
    I know also some sites for rooting your devices.